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Whether you use a standard or an electric one, your toothbrush is one of the most important tools you have to keep your mouth clean and healthy. Over time, your brush can gather bacteria from the foods you eat, and it’s important to clean your brush to keep it safe. Here are some tips from Dr. Lynh Pham to keep it safe.

Rinse After Use
Always rinse your toothbrush after you use it. No need to wash in hot or purified water, just the normal tap water should be fine. Thoroughly rinsing your brush will remove food particles and leftover toothpaste that could feed the bacteria. This will prevent a lot of bacteria growing on your brush.

Store Your Brush Properly
After rinsing your brush, you should store your brush in a place where it can dry properly. You should never store it horizontally. Instead, get a good stand that will hold your brush upright and keep it from touching anyone else’s toothbrush. Let it air dry in an open space where it can dry properly.

Replace Every Four Months
Toothbrushes don’t last forever, and regular use will wear them out so they can no longer clean your teeth properly after about 4 months. One way to tell if it’s time to replace the brush is to take a close look at the bristles. If the bristles are frayed, then they can’t clean properly and it’s time to replace the brush.

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