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If you’re not careful, major dental issues can take your smile under their command. One common and dangerous dental issue is tooth decay. It’s important to prevent cavities as much as possible because they often times result in severe pain and complications. To help you keep tooth decay at bay, Dr. Lynh Pham and our dental team have some tips for you.

The first thing you can do is have a diligent oral hygiene routine. Your oral hygiene techniques can remove the harmful bacteria in your mouth that promote tooth decay development. So, please remember to brush your teeth twice a day, floss your teeth once a day, and rinse your mouth daily.

The second thing you can do is attend your six-month check-ups at Smiley Dental Fort Worth. This is important because the treatment provided when you visit Dr. Lynh Pham can successfully remove the cavity-causing plaque that is hidden in the small, hard-to-clean spaces of your smile.

The third thing you can do is have a diet that is friendly to your teeth. This means you should eat foods like fruits, raw vegetables, and dairy products. Obviously, you need to avoid sugar consumption as much as possible. You can also be benefited by drinking plenty of water.

For more information on how to prevent tooth decay in Ft. Worth, Texas, please don’t hesitate to call Smiley Dental Fort Worth at 817.927.1877. Our dental team would love to hear from you and tell you how to keep your smile healthy and strong. We look forward to your phone call!